Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Todd on TV. Feb 1 Jimmy Fallen Show

Todd will be on the Jimmy Fallen show on feb 1 and sitting in with the band.


Anonymous said...

GEEZ Finally somethin fo tha po' Rust Belters. Betwixt the Grand Utopia reunion & the Colliefornia~
Nowz a chance to see the Artist
on traditional NETWORK TV.
Tell everyone you know (even those who can't be sure why we care so ~

Who's the hardest workin' man in SHOW-BIZ NOW ?

from: Circle-H to: The H-Bomb

Anonymous said...

"BLEEDING" would be a great number for a commercial lead-in.*
The lucky audience gets it all.
Might TR mention his Johnson finalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coming out ?
Time Heals

* Todd should use the original cool/wobbly tone on the solo ~ RR

Anonymous said...

It's Fallon not Fallen. Unless that's supposed to be some kind of odd pun.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is a HUGE Bebe Buell fan! I wonder if she suggested having Todd on the show.

Anonymous said...

Fallon not likely to have fallen fo
BB. She got no game but rem an issn
Wouldn't it seem there are scores of other ways for Jimmy or his producers/bookers etc to suggest TR ? Could it be Johnson PROMO ?
Todd still charizmatic
Buell not so titalating as a little black egg

Couldn't help me self kids rhr