Sunday, January 30, 2011

VIDEO: freak parade TR's utopia highline ballroom


Anonymous said...

It was downhill from there..
Sorry Todd..Love Ya ..but

Anonymous said...

In addition...a friend doesn't sugarcoat...rehearsal is usually before the show..
Still a couple of shining moments ...the vibe was cool..still short on game.

As I said above..Sorry Todd..Love Ya


Anonymous said...

I'm willing to lower my standards for a "one off" benefit show like this. But even though the instruments were tight, it would be wrong to ignore the flaws.

Attention to the lyrics was sloppy (missed lines in 6? 7? songs), and the guitar technology was amiss. (And I thought The Wheel bordered on noise. Bother to take out an acoustic guitar.)

But TR's problem with lyrics is nothing new. I remember the NYC Almost Human show where he flubbed the lyrics, and in the break before the next song, someone handed him a small wrapped item. "What could it be," TR asked. "Maybe it's the lyrics," one of the bg vocalists retorted.

Aipotu said...

Funny that someone knocking Todd for flubbing the lyrics got the name of the tour wrong. It's, um, Nearly Human.

Anyway, I thought it was a great concert. It had nothing to do with whether he remembered lyrics to songs last played 37 years ago. His guitar playing was stellar and his voice sounded great. But in the end, it was about the vibe, and the vibe was great.

Anonymous said...

Pay me $40 and I'll get the name of the album right.

Anonymous said...

This is earoding quickly
I would imagine the vast majority of attendees would give the thumbs up for the malority of the night.
Obviously it ain't a spelling bee.
The spirit wa sin us all.
I'll always take Todd over a sokald
"perfect performance" by anyone
inkluding Aerosith or Bon-Jovial
Differ-rant territory entirely.
Todd the watershed doesn't always
rehearse every drop
from:Circle-H to:the H-Bomb