Monday, February 7, 2011

Article by Chris Epting: Todd Rundgren's Utopia Found: The Great Pyramid of Massachusetts

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Todd Rundgren's Utopia Found: The Great Pyramid of MassachusettsFeb 7, 2011 – 7:16 AM
Chris Epting
AOL Contributor
Those great stage sets of the mid-1970s took arena rock where it had never gone before.

Pink Floyd delighted its fans with a giant, inflatable pig. The Rolling Stones had a six-pointed "lotus petal" stage that opened to reveal the entire band. And the Electric Light Orchestra had its own onstage spaceship.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It takes a village,sweat equity, a John Deere,& a couple computers.
A chain of great ideas has led to a most fitting 'ACTIVE' re-use of
a wonderful 'set-piece' and the widespread knowledge of the same.
Mr.s Rundgren,Harple,Epting & MA4
put that vibration on the map.
The RA tour pre-dated so much networking that most who saw it were truly awed.The music & staging
fully complimenting eachother.
As the wide video screen folded itself down, curtin-up the absolute
"Picture" was etched forever. Water
jets,fire-breathing dragon,tumble weed tornado, mountain climbing etc
etc. So a long quiet rest was in order. Now the knowledge that the pyramid stands in nature is for many a very satisfying thought.
Costal Mass. means the aligned pyramid meets the morning sun each day. I feel a song coming on~ *RR*