Friday, February 11, 2011

CD release party and other news


This first part of this e-mail is only for the people going to the Toledo concert so our apologies for having to send this to the entire group. If you are going to that show or thinking about it, please hit reply and let us know if you have a preference concerning this subject.

We are torn between holding the party with Todd Rundgren the night before the Toledo concert or the day of the concert. We know some of you may have issues with arriving a day early. If we did the party during the day it would probably be around 1pm to 3pm or so and we would likely try to host it at an actual record store -- one with vinyl of course! If we did the party the night before the concert we're not sure where we would host it but it would probably be a hotel ballroom or a club.

For those of you that just subscribed to the newsletter list, we announced on Tuesday that we would be hosting a party in Toledo with Todd Rundgren in attendance. It looks like the party will likely be a CD Release Party featuring Todd's next CD "Reproductions". We are in discussions with Gigatone Records about speeding up the release for this party and they are working hard to pull it off. We hope to have an answer soon so we can formally announce what the party theme will be for this event.

We added some nice seats on our page for the Toledo concert to help you avoid the Ticketmaster fees if you are thinking about attending this concert. Row F and G in the middle right front orchestra! If you're interested, the pick your seat site can be found here ...

If finances are the main thing keeping you from attending the Toledo concert, we are going to try to make the situation better by running a sale on some of the front orchestra side seats. Info will be sent via e-mail soon.

The Psychodots have been added as an opener for the Toledo concert.


Tickets for the Rundgren Radio Fan Party in Boston are now on sale for only $15 and are limited to 200. The venue's capacity is only 225. You can get all the details here ...

That's it for parties, sorry. The night before the Columbus concert will be a much desired night of rest.


Columbus tickets went out yesterday. We have not received the others yet. Toledo and Hartford tickets bought through us will be shipped out soon via the venue.


Information is now available on Rides are available from Toledo to Columbus and back if needed.


A few fans are selling a rare "Todd+Healing" watch is being auctioned on ebay to help raise funds for Moogy's battle with cancer. The link is here ...

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