Monday, April 4, 2011


Michele Rundgren says this is true and that Eric Gardner set it up


DiscConnected said...

Conflicting emotions here....

On the one hand, I loathe the whole idea of American Idol....

On the other hand, Todd deserves the recignitionm, especially as a producer!


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how they apply 'Producer'. Seems natural to see TR as mentor to the finalists. Shiniha Twain & Rod stewart are 2 examples of previous
mentors who coached contestants
on doing their own covers of the coach's songs. In any context Todd
is perceptive,entertaining and inspiring. No doubt he's a great producer...still the highest recognition he should receive is for his song writing. His best producing is of his own inimitable
output. I'm happily anxious & spreading the word."TODD/IDOL"...RR
P.S. What was the show Rundgren appeared as a judge on years ago ?

Anonymous said...

Playing with Ringo's All Starr Band
Trip Down Abbey Road,JOE & Ethyl, &
The New Cars seemed to help many folks see Todd as a steller showman
Folks who never considered paying for a Todd Rundgren ticket or Lp.
Every serious Rundgren LISTENER knows, most people could't list 5 songs from his catalog. All the above touring did not possibly reach the audience numbers pulled by AMERICAN IDOL. Weather one loves
or hates the show is not important.
Todd's body of work far surpasses the totality of all his outside
prductions in several ways except
sales/awareness. So why not do this highly popular show & display his resume & skills to millions in one fell swoop. Perhaps the schmultzy parts of "Idol" will SEE THE LIGHT ?.....RR