Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: American Idol's Randy Jackson on bass// Shock: We Got To Get You A Woman

not confirmed but this is what the youtube listings states....Fantastic bass laying by Mr. "American Idol" Randy Jackson.


Anonymous said...

His Wiki entry makes no mention of this band.

ma4utopia said...

that is why i have said "not confirmed" i research it but didnt find any reference to this

Anonymous said...

Randy, J-Lo & Mr. Tyler are too soft on contestants. More constructive comments would aid each aspiring 'IDOL'. Clearly they didn't have enough pull to out= weigh the shows big powers on Todd's behalf. The program's loss ~
I can't imagine an 'IGGY' week,yet
he got to perform on the big stage ? Can SIMON'S ego handle Todd
Let's hope so.........RR

Anonymous said...

The bass player is Joe Plass. He is the white guy with the beard in the photo.