Tuesday, July 12, 2011

winner cover art for ReProductions cd

The winner of the Todd Rundgren "[re]Production" album cover contest has been an...nounced. Congratulations to Mark Colarossi of Jefferson Township, PA for his entry that was personally selected by Todd. "[re]Production" is set to be release everywhere on September 13, 2011


Anonymous said...

You want the obvious, you get the obvious...

Anonymous said...

LOL to the above...:D

Gigatone really needs to update their website. When I went to vote weeks ago, I had to do some serious clicking and searching to even find ALL of the entries to vote as only the same 4 were on the first page for months, and the page links didn't work either. You had to go to Recently Uploaded or something. And it still looks that way! No announcement, nothing.

It also still says "sign up for Todd Rundgren in Jan 2011!" Kind of a mess.