Sunday, October 30, 2011

PPV : TR'S UTOPIA show in Peekskill NY

The Todd Rundgren's Utopia concert in Peekskill NY will be available as a VIDEO ON DEMAND via Nevessa Productions! Details coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Beyond perfect. So sad Moogy passed away just 2 days before. "The Show Must Go On" and it was phenomenal. My husband saw this show in 1972. He was so happy his "child" bride could relive his past with him. I really missed a great era of entertainment. Take note children, you are the most annoying , boring group of kids yet. At least my generation had the Cars and Pink Floyd. What have you got, American Idol? Nothing original there. Snoop Dog, Heavy D, JLo, Taylor Swift - Lame! No talent, no interest, no future. that's why you are so into the Beatles. If you love music you must go to music school just like all those old folks that blow you away. I know you are too lazy for that. Studying the arts is not in this generations curriculum. They think they can pick up a mic and sing or a guitar and play. W/o music theory and exposure to all genres of music all you get is noise. I love it when I hear a kid say he/she doesn't like something because it is "before my time." That really pisses me off.