Friday, November 25, 2011

download TR's Utopia Bergan performing arts center NJ
for a limited time i will leave this up for download
thanks roy g


DiscConnected said...

Thank you for posting this.

Water is not the only thing that's rare in Arizona. Todd Rundgren fans are an endangered species as well.

I moved from Philly to Phoenix in 1995, and over my sixteen years here watched Todd play to ever diminishing audiences.

After the "Arena" show (pronbably less than 200 people attended), I knew the odds were Todd would never play in AZ again.

Which means if I'm going to see TR, I'll need plane tickets and rental cars and hotel rooms in addition to the concert ticket.

I went to three Rundgren Radio promoted shows and though they were worth every cent.

Unfortunately, I could not come up with the cabbage to make it back east for the Utopia shows this year.

This helps.


Cinthesize said...

I agree DiscConnected - we find ourselves flying around the globe to catch up with Todd's tour just to get a chance to see him - expensive but very rewarding :) And we see places we probably would not have travelled to otherwise (Akron, OH)!