Thursday, April 19, 2012

Download: TR's Utopia Grand Valley Done 1974

Enjoy. This is archival stuff!

Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Grand Valley Dome
Grand Rapids MI
March 19 1974

Audience Recording. 1st Generation From Master Cassette
Cd One:
01 International Feel
02 Never Never Land
03 Zen Archer
04 It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
05 I Saw The Light
06 A Dream Goes On Forever
07 Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song
08 Hello It's Me
09 Piss Aaron
10 Heavy Metal Kids
11 Le Feel Internacionale
12 Utopia Theme
13 Black Maria
14 Don't You Ever Learn
15 Everybodys Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae

Cd Two:
01 When The [Censored] Hits The Fan/Sunset Blvd.
02 The Last Ride
03 No 1 Lowest Common Denominator
04 Is It My Name
05 The Ikon (Cuts)

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