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Eddie Zyne ...Give the Drummer some please.....

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Eddie Zyne

Stay Inspired
"Stay Inspired", that's what it said on Eddie Zyne's hotel room key card. He hadn't noticed it until his wife, Susan, pointed it out after he played drums in one of the best shows of his life. He had just performed two nights with Todd Rundgren and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra at the Coronado. The concert promoters, Doug and Mel of, picked one city in the United States that would see this amazing concert that was only performed before in Amsterdam. This time it included Jesse Gress on guitar. It had been a goal of Eddie's to play with Todd ever since he heard his first solo album, "Runt", and this was better than he could have imagined.
Eddie began playing drums at the age of twelve while attending seminary in Miami, Florida. His mom, Alice, became his first and longest supporter by driving him to the music store in Coral Gables and letting him buy his first set of drums. Eddie then converted the garage at his home in Coconut Grove into a rehearsal studio. He didn't have any formal musical training until he went to Miami-Dade College and studied under Harold Harms. He didn't know it at the time, but learning to read music and forming a lifelong friendship with Harold would be invaluable many years later. As it turned out, playing with Todd Rundgren and the orchestra would require everything Eddie learned from his college days and even prompted a few phone calls to Harold to discuss the drum charts.

Do What You Want, Be What You Are

After college, Eddie had bigger plans than Miami could offer and decided to see what he could do in New York City. Landing the drumming spot with Daryl Hall and John Oates in 1974 was a great start. When Eddie first joined them, Todd Rundgren had just finished producing their "War Babies" album. Eddie felt it would be great to perform with artists who were just as inspiring as Todd Rundgren. Eddie can be heard on the live recordings from Hall & Oates' first appearance in London that are included on the recently released CD box set by Hall & Oates called "Do What You Want, Be What You Are".

Touring with lifelong friend Stephen Dees promoting his first record "Hip Shot", and later with successful songwriter Desmond Child soon followed. Both of these artists created their music from truly inspired musical souls. Believing in yourself and never giving up are values they all shared.

After touring with Tony Carey, the light that kept Eddie inspired went out for a while when his dad, Ellis, died. During that time Eddie never gave up, knowing fate would deliver something out of the blue. The invitation to play drums for The Monkees' 20th Anniversary Tour was just the thing to get Eddie back behind the drums. He not only got to play drums for The Monkees but also The Grass Roots and Gary Puckett.

In 1990 “Lonesome” Dave Peverett from Foghat called on Eddie to join “Lonesome” Dave's Foghat along with other founding member Rod Price. After three great years he joined up with Billy Livesay to form “The Livesays”. He worked closely with Billy on the “Little Bit of Hurt” CD and the synergy between the two is unmistakable. They have just released their second CD "Rose Colored Glasses".
Eddie also had the pleasure to play drums for great talents like Rick Derringer, Tiger Tiger and Brian Howe. Eddie is also the drummer with the original Foghat bass player, Tony Stevens, in "Slow Ride", along with Billy Livesay and Tommy Hall. He also plays drums for an original project with Fernando Perdomo under the name "Dreaming in Stereo" on Fernando's independent label "Forward Motion Records."
Never Give Up

Eddie never gave up that good things were coming, even if there wasn't a single sign of anything on the horizon. He had always lived life at the ready. So just stay prepared, keep your spirits up, believe that something's coming and never give up. If you quit, you'll surely never get what you're after. But if you keep believing in yourself, even when others have long given up, you'll always have a chance. Even after Eddie finally got to perform with Todd, he still has that hotel room key and continues to live by the words on it, "Stay Inspired".

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