Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Toddfest West update

Hi everyone--

You can RSVP up until the day before, but if you want your laminate personalized please send your name and title of song to put on laminate by Fri, 7/6. We've extended the deadline a few days.

The song can be anything -- whatever is in your head these days, your fave, whatever -- just for fun!

It's looking to be another fun gathering -- hope to see you there!

Your ToddFest/West planners

Hello everyone--

Time continues to fly by -- the date for ToddFest/West is growing closer!

If you are planning to attend, please send your RSVP with your name and song title as you would like them to appear on your laminate by 7/1/12. RSVPs will be accepted up until the date of the fest, but if you want a personalized laminate you will need to respond by 7/1/12.

If anyone wants to get together for a pre-fest jam session, respond soon and we'll try to make that happen! Here's a little info Steve sent on live music at the fest....

>> Yes, Ded Ringer is in the process of re-learning three tunes (If Not Now, When?, Crybaby, and There Goes My Inspiration) for the fest, and will perform a few of our original tunes, too. We'll have the lyrics to these three tunes such that we can do sing-alongs with everyone, which would be cool, because that's the area in playing TR's tunes that we're lacking in (we can cover most of the instrumentation, but it's almost impossible to do justice to the vocals!). After Ded Ringer is done playing, we'll open it up to a jam session - I'll leave my drums set up if any other drummers are "in the house" and would like to jam, and the rest of the instrumentation would come from others bringing their axes. <<

And again, the details....

When -- Saturday, July 28 starting at 1pm
Where -- The Lafonds home in Campbell, CA -- exact location will be sent closer to the date to those who RSVP
Dog alert -- There are sweet, furry critters in this household, so plan accordingly if you have allergies.
Note -- Campbell, CA is close to San Jose if you're considering airports. Let us know if you need recommendations for lodging.
RSVP -- Reply to by July 1 to have your TFW-12 laminate personalized with your name

For those of you who are new to TFW, it's an annual gathering of fans, friends and family to spend a day with like-minded Todd peeps. It's a casual event and a potluck -- and it's free. Every year we have both new and returning attendees. Lots of socializing and all sorts of goings-on such as sharing stories and memorabilia, watching videos, playing and singing TR tunes, and simply hanging out and talking and having a great day! You can find out more about past fests at

And a little story for those who are wondering why this date -- 1995 was the first fest at my home in Sacramento and one of the attendees was two year old Korie Lafond who has enthusiastically attended almost every fest since then. She's now in college and leaving for a year abroad in early August and didn't want to miss the fest. This is a true sign of the community that the fest has cultivated over the years and touched me deeply!

Look forward to seeing many of you soon! Let us know if you can make it, have questions or need other info.

Your 2012 TFW planners -- Roger and Cece Linder, Debbie Sommer, Kim, Steve and Korie Lafond

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