Sunday, October 14, 2012

pictures from the cleveland show and the "TODDETTES"


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rundgren,

I am totally shocked by the inappropriate rendition of "You're So Vain" that you performed during your recent Cleveland show.  It was not even good, in a musical sense.

Do your job and entertain.  You do that well.  I attended your show in Ridgefield, CT on October 9.  Stay out of politics.  

There are so many diverse cultures in this country and so many people who do not speak English (even if they were born in the U.S.!).  Most of our citizens don't understand the complexity of economics and foreign affairs. The facts are often skewed as information is repeated by the general public to other people. 

I am happy you did not sing your version of "You're So Vain" during your Ridgefield show.  It would have ruined my night.

Many people look at entertainers as authority figures.  They will listen to your every word and do as you say.  This is unfair and disrespectful to our nation.

Respectfully Yours,

Anonymous said...

either you are a fan of Todd or you're not. Maybe you are not, he's not going to change for you, or any of us.

grow up.