Thursday, October 18, 2012

Todd / Ethel setlist spoiler alert

Todd/Ethel setlist from Gainesville, FL -
 do not read if you don't want to know the set list.

 I really enjoyed this performance. It starts out with 3 or 4 songs from Ethel on stage and then Todd comes out alone. The show ended with a Q & A session and had a 15 minute intermission. OK, here is the setlist to the best of my memory:

I don't want to tie you down, LOTCM, The song of the Viking, Compassion, Bang on the Ukulele Daily, Cliche, Lysistrata. After the break Todd and Ethel perform together: Flamingo, Zen Archer, Soul Brother, Mercenary, Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song, Courage, Stood UP, Pretending to care, Black Maria. Encore - Patches (Is Todd still being Unpredictable?)

 Kelly Davis


Anonymous said...

Does Todd meet with fans afterwards for photos or autographs?

Anonymous said...

TR seems more accessable than loads of other high profile persons
Seems to be many 'photo opps' in this century.Try till you find an opening... AND, Just seems "Under Pyramid in over 30 years" would be more accurate ?
Time flies in Greendale.

David Everitt-Carlson said...

But can he still climb and fall with the bungee while playing 'Glass Guitar'???