Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TODD new CD is on Billboard Charts

‘I almost didn’t believe it’: With State, Todd Rundgren makes a return to the charts — the dance charts by Something Else! Reviews Todd Rundgren is back on the charts with his new electronica-laced Cherry Red release State, the first time since 2004. But there’s a twist: He landed on the Billboard dance/electronic charts. “Having an album on any sort of a chart lately is a refreshing experience,” Rundgren says in the attached video. As for debuting on the dance polls, he added: “I was surprised when I heard it; I almost didn’t believe it.” Rundgren’s 2004 effort Liars rose as high as No. 132 on the UK charts. Before that, Rundgren’s last appearance on the Billboard album lists was with 1991′s 2nd Wind. His last Top 40 U.S. hit as a solo artist was 1978′s Hermit of Mink Hollow. “I haven’t had an album that really charted in a long time,” Rundgren admits, “but I also haven’t had a label, in the traditional sense, in a long time. Most of my recent recordings have been self-produced, and then I go find a distributor for them.” As Rundgren launched himself head-long into the technology revolution that’s changed the way music is made, his albums have become more electronic — and, yes, in many ways more danceable. But he says the creative goals remain unchanged. “I still try to stick to my original criteria,” Rundgren adds. “I want to write songs that mean something to people — regardless of the tools that I am using.”


Anonymous said...

So happy for Todd !!!

Anonymous said...

Go out (or stay in) & purchase another copy... GIFT IT or save for a rainy day. Push this foreward
& stop trying to explain who this person is...this could be what everyone has wanted...for the longest time.
To: ALL From:Circle-H

Donnal Baine said...

Hi there, I am a REAL big Todd fan for almost 35 years. Am I the only one who feels the last 3 CDs were just NOT the very best? That would be Robert Johnson (nothing original there), [Re] Production, and now State. I appreciate every other release he has done, and I am exceptionally happy Todd revisited AWATS, TODD and Healer as live performances and DVDs. Additionally, ARENA is in my opinion, fantastic, so it is not like I do not like his "new materials". And lastly, I am going to both NY shows in hopes of a surprise as a performance.

richforman said...

Does anyone know of any recent set lists or know what material Todd is and has been playing on his current tour? I can't find any reference to that here on this site or anywhere else so far. My girlfriend and I both consider ourselves fans, more casual fans I guess or whatever but we each have at least a handful of Todd cd's in our collections and love his music to the extent that we know it, but we went to one of his Utopia reunion shows two years ago and while exciting and enjoyable, still the set list was just too esoteric for us, we didn't know a single song, I'm not like a "Just play the hits" type of concert-goer/listener at all, but it's nice to hear at least a few you know in the course of a night. He is playing right near my house in a couple weeks just before my gal's birthday and I want to go again but she will be pissed at me if she doesn't at least hear a few she knows! I also saw Todd with his band in A.C. way back in 96 or so and knew maybe a third of the material on the program (I don't know, just guessing, that's a long time ago) and that was perfect for me, loved it and had a blast.

Vinny B said...

I heard he would be performing his new cd and dance versions of his classics. Does your girl like to dance? It's also going to feature a 3 man band, Todd, Prairie Prince and Jesse Gress.

Check this for more info: