Monday, April 22, 2013

Todd Rundgren's Official State Press Conference


Anonymous said...

Look @ the Opportunity ~ Pick up another copy of STATE & let new-to-TODD people 'discover' that which we've known for so long. The DANCE CHARTS will take note & so the media in general may as well. I sound like a professional PROMOTER.
Still I suggest you get your tour tickets a.s.a.p. & bring your GLO STICKS !
Live From Greendale

DiscConnected said...

Well, I have tickets to three shows, but this is not an album I feel I can recommend highly.

I like it far better than (re)Production (which is not saying much-I hated that disc-found it unlistenable) but not as much as Liars (not one of my favorites, either-although the live show won me over).

There was a thread on the Beyondawaziard list that captured the problem I have with State-it's missing the ear candy.

If Arena was too loud for your tastes, you still had "Courage."

If Liars was too electronic for you, you still had "Living."

I am thinking the album will grow on me by the live show, but I doubt the people who are going to the Philly show with me will be motivated to go out and buy a copy.

It needed an ear candy song.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I give. What's with the ski goggles?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just doesn't want to see what's happening...I think it's important to be able to see the singer's eyes. Strange he wore them throughout the interview. I guess this is his new image or he'll wear them onstage. Which is a shame as he has really beautiful eyes, and always did. The goggles did remind me of that movie The Fly and sort of weirded me out. However I think maybe he will not connect much on stage on the State shows and just play DJ in the background or something (assuming he can see through them) but I could be wrong. Who knows what to expect with Todd? Not I. :)

Jon Johnson said...

I really like State or at least I want to really like it. I can see why some may have issues with it. The only song I currently find myself a little lost is Imagination which is still new and different. It is still fresh. I feel I'm warming to it. Probablynthe worst songis Angry Bird. But I think by design its supposed to getbnder your skin and perhaps get angry. It certainly succeeds doing that to some degree by the end of the song's last chorus. Like a lot of
Yrics there may double even triple meanings that the listener may or may not interpret.

I like everything he's done some works more than others but some who may hate State may hear it 20 years from now and change their mind assuming they do. I really loved Liars as soon as I heard it but I was busy with other things to know he had released it and was on tour with it. Idk but that album connected me.