Friday, February 13, 2015

ULTRA RARE NAZZ SONG Never released : Carsons Delta Bluesman - Sing You A Song

Ultra Rare NAZZ song Unreleased Early Version of "Sing You a Song"

Thanks to Roger Steel for hosting this on his Chirbit account.

Back story:
 I received this from Stewkey about 12 yrs ago when we were working on putting out the Nazz vs Toddzila CD. I didnt want a song this long and unfinnished on the that cd, so it sat on my shelf since. I have never  shared it until today. An acetate that is owned by Dr Darren Bisset has a version of this on it. That is the only other copy of this song.   This is probably the rarest recording of the nazz that has been discovered and unreleased.  Hope you all enjoy.
 Michael A.


Anonymous said...

That's 13 minutes of my life I can't get back...

Anonymous said...

I will agree with anonymous ONE.
Not enough to call this a TAKE or SONG. Simply a sketch & need not be AIRED. SInce Carson left the band first
One can assume TR 'was there', but is that enough to make this worth
posting ?