Friday, April 24, 2015

Great photos


Winston Smith said...
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Winston Smith said...

What do these pictures of Adrian Zmed and the Solid Gold Dancers have to do with TR?

From 23rd said...

Well, they`re photos.
I doubt that TR played guitar during this show for much longer than it took me to scan the images. (He played twice during the State show for a total of maybe 90 seconds).
Is it supposed to be funny that the women are wearing wigs that look like they were last worn for a Soul Train taping in `73?
If we don`t rise (from over-priced seats) we will fall (for another cynical cash-grab to save the stupid Tiki bar).
Really. We`re (mostly) people who have supported him for nearly half a century and we shouldn`t settle for being treated like shit.

Winston Smith said...

They may look like Soul Train dancers, but they sure as shit can't dance like Soul Train dancers. Don Cornelius would have laughed them out of the audition.

It is unseemly for TR to be attired in such buffoonish garb.

The wig shop owner probably closed the shop early when she found a weirdo nutty enough to take those two garish models off the shelf.

Just ahameful.

Anonymous said...

SecretSociety & World Wide Epithany
alone were worth the price of admission. The guitar work & backing for International Feel/ Just One Victory were superior.
Exceptional lighting & sound throughout. The towers were stunning but not distracting.They enhanced songs, as did the dancers on Holly Land & all the rest. I'm not going to listen to Skyscraper every time I put on the CD, but I like it more after 'seeing' it.I kept thinking of other Rundgren & Utopia songs that would naturally work in this setting & musical style. The show strengthens the CD & I would recommend you experience both.
I'd say more but, Can't be late, can't be late to work again. I can't let it cramp my STYLE.
Yours from Badgerland

Anonymous said...

I like funny wigs but I am only 4 years old.