Friday, April 24, 2015

Interview from Grand Rapids


Anonymous said...

Short version: Michelle and I have financial problems forcing us to incessantly tour, but sadly making us tour on the cheap this time sans band or vocalists.

I will shine a few strobe lights and make some of my 50 and 60 year old fan base feel they are at the hip raves they were too old and uncool to attend 20 years ago. P T Barnum would groove on my Global tour.



Anonymous said...

Even Shorter Version:


Anonymous said...

Shortest version:

Todd to fans: Fuck you!

From 23rd said...

I`ve seen bar bands with more talent and conviction as well as a better light show.
My fantasy is for a full-scale fan revolt. How enjoyable it would be if the entire audience at one venue (then another and another) just got up and quietly walked out. Hey, it could happen.
If not mow, when? If not you, who, then?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, but the Wizard has already made bank on the ticket sales. He could skip the 2 hour workout (the show sucks but he seems to be sweating like a pig and getting an aerobic workout) and use the time to soothe those hot women. This is a money-grab and a fan walkout en mass wouldn't bother Todd in the least. He could have been a fixture in the top 10 back in the day back when catchy, tuneful music was selling, but was indifferent to audience tastes. While TR is to be saluted for marching to his own beat, this particular tour is so fucking bad he has jumped the shark and nukes the fridge.

Anonymous said...

This show sucks. All synthesizer and REPETITIVE lyrics with little imagination and none of the old song magic. A lot of people walked out. Save your money and skip the dud show.

Anonymous said...

This show was so bad that that most people stayed for half an hour before they realized it wasn't going to get any better. I think they backup singers were even lipsinkin