Sunday, August 29, 2010

Call him Professor TODD

Call him Professor Todd
Rock star Todd Rundgren has quite a few titles on his resume, including singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

He'll be performing two of his albums (1973's "Todd" and 1981's "Healing") in a theatrical concert Sept. 11 at Clowes Hall.

Rundgren will soon be able to add a new label to the list: Indiana University Wells Professor.

The rocker will be in Bloomington in late October and early November for the two-week gig.

The plan is for Rundgren, who lives in Kauai, Hawaii, when he isn't touring, to teach a class for students who attend IU under the prestigious Wells Scholars program.

Rundgren, best known for 1993 song "Hello It's Me," is expected to make a couple of public appearances -- an Oct. 28 lecture and a likely Oct. 31 storytelling concert, said IU rock history professor Glenn Gass, who is coordinating the visit. His summer home is near Rundgren's in Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

"hello its me"- 1993? really? :)

Anonymous said...

1973 as I remembered. $