Wednesday, September 1, 2010

davey lane and tony featherstone to support on new tour in syndey

Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone To Support Todd Rundgren
by Paul Cashmere - September 1 2010

Todd Rundgren taking Davey Lane and Tony Featherstone on the road for his Sydney and Melbourne shows.

Both Davey (You Am I / The Pictures) and Tony (The Badloves) were playing recently in the Jimmy Barnes band. “This all started in 2008 when Davey and I were in Bangkok with Jimmy Barnes,” Tony tells Undercover News. “We were in a hotel room after having just played a show and I said to Davey "have a listen to this and tell me what you think". I played him "International Feel" from A Wizard a True Star" and his jaw literally dropped. Two years later we are supporting him.”

The will support Rundgren at the show at The Basement in Sydney and The Corner in Melbourne.

“It will just be called "Davey Lane" but given that I turned Davey on to Todd he wouldn’t dare the shows without me,” Tony says.

While Lane and Featherstone recently recorded a few Rundgren covers they won’t be performing them live during these shows. “We wont be doing any Todd covers as tempting as it would be, we'll be mainly doing Davey's originals including a few of the tracks he recorded with The Pictures. We're both fanatical Todd fans so we'll be playing a set that we think we go down well with like-minded devotees. There might be a cover thrown in but it wont be ‘Can We Still Be Friends’”.

It will be just the two of them on stage.

Todd also has an Aussie in his band. “As it turns out, Todd is using an Australian drummer called Mick Skelton. (Shannon Noll, Richard Clapton, Baby Animals, everyone else!) who is a great mate of mine, so the whole thing is just a dream come true,” Tony says.

Dates are:

October 2, Sydney, The Basement
October 6, Melbourne, The Corner Hotel

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