Sunday, August 29, 2010

RundgrenRadio updates

Special guest Cy Curnin, the lead singer for the Fixx, today on! As many of you know, the Fixx will be opening for Todd Rundgren at the 9/10 (St. Louis) and 9/11 (Indy) concerts.

While we have your attention, here are a few more updates from us …

· For those of you that can’t make the big RR BASH III party in Akron, you will be able to view it on the internet if you like! For those of you going, be careful what you say and do on camera because the party will be seen online and permanently archived on the world wide web J.

· Are you planning on making any of the upcoming Todd/Healing concerts? The tour begins one week from today! Because Todd and Michele really enjoyed some of the fan outfits last year during the AWATS tours, we’ve decided to add themes to this year’s tours as well. Of course dressing the part is OPTIONAL and only a suggestion from your friend’s at RR, so participate at your own risk or just show up wearing whatever you like. You can find the theme information here …

· If for some reason you can’t make any of the 6 concerts on this tour, you can still get an idea what it’s like being there because Todd’s camp has finally decided to add a webcast/PPV --- the 9/14 concert at the Keswick in Glenside, PA! The webcast will include some footage from the Todd and Roy interview event as well as some footage from the Toddstock Movie Premiere and Party. You can see this webcast for only $19.99 and here’s the link for you to sign-up …

· Speaking of the concert at the Keswick, we are less than 300 tickets away from a sold out show. We are putting on a big push to sell this show out and give Todd the homecoming he deserves! Please reach out to your Todd friends that may be living in a cave and haven’t heard about this concert J. Every ticket sold gets us closer to our goal of packing out the Keswick. Every person that attends the concert has a shot at being on the webcast and making Todd fan history J. Beginning on 8/31 through Labor Day, the remaining $75 tickets will be on a Working Man sale with $20 off with the passcode DREAM. The sale info is only going out to the Keswick e-mail blast subscribers and of course YOU our loyal RR e-mail subscribers. Help us sell out the Keswick! It sure would look nice on the webcast if there were no empty seats, wouldn’t it?

Thanks and see you on the road to Utopia!!
Doug & Cruisermel

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