Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Duet Album Idea of Todds ... Youtube inspired !!!

this is a translation of a partial interview Todd just gave while on tour overseas

So let Rundgren a little bit of world news: His next album is a duet album.

PROJECT is partly inspired by the success of the collaboration with the old Philadelphia friend Daryl Hall in its web-TV concept, "Live from Daryl's House" (see video above right). We see perhaps a collection of blue-eyed soul duet with Hall and other great singers, possibly a Toddsk twist on the great American songbook? But no:

- There are no known name. I will be singing duets with people that are YouTube phenomena, and write a song specifically for each of them. It's my cunning way to ensure that the project is a success. These are people who are already being seen on the web. Most duet disc is mostly to prove that you are good enough to sing with someone. This is much more fun, says Rundgren, who obviously spent some time on the popuære video sharing service in recent years.

- At the recent times has been so good for me, partly thanks to YouTube. Are you typing my name, there's a lot of things I have done, TV shows, concerts, everything. That's how people discover new artists. I may not have unused so well I could have done, but it has increased interest in what I do.

Record labels and artists who are trying to remove unauthorized material published from sharing services like YouTube are completely off track, says Rundgren:

- It's the kind of attitude that has gotten the record industry to collapse.

- You show a lack of willingness to embrace new media habits of consumers. They've been at it for too long. We as artists can not rely on the monolith. The incestuous relationship between radio and record companies here in the U.S. is just one example. As much as published by the music, the radio will be just 20 to 30 songs. It had to be removed. It was tyrannical, from a musical standpoint. I was happy to see the model break down.


Jan Omdahl said...


Since this is a copy/paste tranlation job (you even left in a norwegian word or two ;-) a mention of the source would be polite, don't ya think?

Friendly regards,

Jan Omdahl
Dagbladet newspaper, Norway

Anonymous said...

Todd Rundgren with a twist on contemporairy media. Making a disc
of singers otherwise only know from the vast airwaves of the net
mindbender/rubber soul/proactivity
From:Circle-H To: The H-Bomb

Yuji_sarizow said...


Could you listen Japanese unknown(but has beautiful voice) artist too?