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Mid-Priced Remasters cd's to be released

Todd Rundgren / Utopia - More Expanded Mid-Price Remasters

The next batch of Todd Rundgren mid-price and expanded releases are on the way in January and February. The packages contains all the lyrics, and extensive notes by Paul Myers, extracted from his definitive book on Todd Rundgren “A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren In The Studio”. Click on the titles to pre-order:

1) Todd Rundgren - A Cappella/Nearly Human/Second Wind (2CD) (Released January 30th) £8.99

Three difficult-to-find albums that were issued on Warners, in 1985, 1989 and 1991. “A Capella” is purely the sound of Todd’s voice, often imitating instruments, on a wide variety of songs. By contrast “Nearly Human” was recorded live in the studio with a large ensemble and guests like Bobby Womack and Narada Michael Walden. “Second Wind” was recorded live in a San Francisco theatre, again with a large ensemble, in front of an audience who were told to keep quiet... The bonus track is a 12” Dance Mix.

Disc 1
1. Blue Orpheus
2. Johnee Jingo
3. Pretending to Care
4. Hodja
5. Lost Horizon
6. Something to Fall Back On
7. Miracle in the Bazaar
8. Lockjaw
9. Honest Work
10. Mighty Love
11. Something to Fall Back On Bonus Track
12. The Want of a Nail
13. The Waiting Game
14. Parallel Lines
15. Two Little Hitlers
16. Can't Stop Running
17. Unloved Children
18. Fidelity
Disc 2
1. Feel It
2. Hawking
3. I Love My Life
4. Change Myself
5. Love Science
6. Who's Sorry Now
7. The Smell of Money
8. If I Have to Be Alone
9. Love in Disguise
10. Kindness
11. Public Sevant
12. Gaya's Eyes
13. Second Wind

2) Todd Rundgren - Back To The Bars (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

In May 1978 Todd issued “Hermit Of Mink Hollow”, but rather go out on a “Hermit” tour, he mounted a retrospective mini-tour
accompanied by many of the musicians he’d played with over the past thirteen years. Certain of these shows, in New York, Los
Angeles and Cleveland, were recorded for the original two LP live album “Back To The Bars”. Featured guests are Utopia, Daryl Hall, John Oates, Stevie Nicks, Spencer Davis and Rick Derringer.

1. Real Man
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. The Verb “To Love”
4. Love In Action
5. A Dream Goes On Forever
6. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
7. The Range War
8. Black And White
9. The Last Ride
10. Cliché
11. Don’t You Ever Learn?

1. Never Never Land
2. Black Maria
3. Zen Archer
4. Medley: I’m So Proud / Ooh Baby Baby /
La La Means I Love You / I Saw The Light
5. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
6. Eastern Intrigue
7. Initiation
8. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
9. Hello It’s Me

3) Todd Rundgren - Hermit of Mink Hollow/Healing/The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

These three truly ‘solo’ albums (Todd plays every instrument and sings every vocal) were released between 1978 and 1982
on the legendary Bearsville label and feature some of Todd’s best-known songs: “Can We Still Be Friends” (covered by both
Robert Palmer and Rod Stewart), “Healer” and “Bang The Drum All Day”. NB: The albums are presented out of chronological order in order to avoid splitting “Healing” across two discs.

1. All The Children Sing
2. Can We Still Be Friends
3. Hurting For You
4. Too Far Gone
5. Onomatopoeia
6. Determination
7. Bread
8. Bag Lady
9. You Cried Wolf
10. Lucky Guy
11. Out Of Control
12. Fade Away

13. Hideaway
14. Influenza
15. Don’t Hurt Yourself
16. There Goes Your Baybay
17. Tin Soldier
18. Emperor Of The Highway
19. Bang The Drum All Day
20. Drive
21. Chant

1. Healer
2. Pulse
3. Flesh
4. Golden Goose
5. Compassion
6. Shine
7. Healing Part I
8. Healing Part II
9. Healing Part III
10. Time Heals
11. Tiny Demons

4) Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Todd Rundgren's Utopia/Another Live (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99
Rundgren started the band Utopia in 1974 to run concurrently with his solo career. Whilst using many of the same musicians,
the band was a more democratic set-up. These are the two albums recorded by the six-man line-ups. “Utopia” (1974) features
the extraordinary 30 minute epic “The Ikon”, as performed by the reunited line-up during 2011. The live album “Another
Live” (1975) includes new songs alongside the band’s covers of “Something’s Coming” (from “West Side Story”) and The
Move’s “Do Ya” and Todd classics “Heavy Metal Kids” and “Just One Victory”.

Disc 1
1. Utopia
2. Freak Parade
3. Freedom Fighters
4. The Ikon

Disc 2
1. Another Life
2. The Wheel
3. The Seven Rays
4. Intro/Mister Triscuits
5. Something's Coming
6. Heavy Metal Kids
7. Do Ya
8. Just One Victory

5) Utopia - Adventures In Utopia/Deface the Music/Swing To the Right (2CD) (Released February 27th.) £8.99

These three albums were the third, fourth and fifth by the quartet of Todd (guitar), Roger Powell (keyboards), Kasim Sulton (bass) and John Wilcox (drums). “Adventures In Utopia” (January 1980) became the band’s biggest US album, and features the hit single “Set Me Free”. Its b-side, bonus track “Umbrella Man”, features alongside its parent album for the first time. The three bonus live tracks were taped between the album’s recording and release and include Utopia’s covers of The Who and ? And The Mysterians. “Deface The Music” (December 1980) is a homage to The Beatles, features thirteen songs written in the style of Lennon & McCartney, arranged chronologically. Unfortunately its release coincided with John Lennon’s murder. “Swing To The Right” (1982), almost a concept album about money, war and greed (including a cover of Gamble & Huff’s “For The Love Of Money”), was the band’s last for the Bearsville label.

1. The Road To Utopia
2. You Make Me Crazy
3. Second Nature
4. Set Me Free
5. Caravan
6. Last Of The New
Wave Riders
7. Shot In The Dark
8. The Very Last Time
9. Love Alone
10. Rock Love
11. Umbrella Man
12. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]
13. 96 Tears
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]
14. Just One Victory
[live in Syracuse,
16th November 1979]

1. I Just Want To Touch You
2. Crystal Ball
3. Where Does The World Go To Hide
4. Silly Boy
5. Alone
6. That’s Not Right
7. Take It Home
8. Hoi Polloi
9. Life Goes On
10. Feel Too Good
11. Always Late
12. All Smiles
13. Everybody Else Is Wrong

14. Swing To The Right
15. Lysistrata
16. The Up
17. Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
18. Shinola
19. For The Love Of Money
20. Last Dollar On Earth
21. Fahrenheit 451
22. Only Human
23. One World

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