Friday, April 17, 2015

Todd Rundgren, GLOBAL: Today, One World and Future, April 10, 2015


from 23rd said...

Just depressing. He doesn`t look or sound as if he wanted even to be there.

Donnal Baine said...

So Todd is 67 years old. Here's a thought that keeps me laughing... it looks like many of you commentators need to laugh, many are so angry at Todd's latest fiasco and taking it much to personal. Imagine Frank Sinatra at 67 years old in 1982 attempting to write, perform and act like a New Waver... it just doesn't wear well does it... I love you Todd, you musical history and lyrics, but you are not 24... let the people who do this music much better - continue to do their niche...

Anonymous said...

Let him try this out. do I think it sucks? yes..but...
the problem is that being contemporary at some point comes at the price of making quality art. this stage set up and the whole shebang looks well coordinated and thought out.
I like songs. I like winners.
I think at this point Todd needs to step outside the stylistic boxes, etc and just write an album of good tunes presented conventionally to prove he can still write well. some of the lyrics on here are almost Katy Perry like in their allanis-eseque grace, gawd....."if we don't rise then we will fall"..

Winston Smith said...

Todd's desperate, pathetic efforts to be hip make me sad. Everybody wants a twerk from Mylie? We must rise or we will fall? Really? Couple shit music with juvenile lyrics and this is what we get. We have a C-list DJj, two off-key singers that can't dance to save their lives, and a set list comprised of 85percent shit. Even the classics are given a fucked-up electronica version. I give thanks that I didn't purchase tickets to this horrid shitshow. TR, you were once God, but if this is all you have left, hang it up. Global sucks.

from 23rd said...

My wish (unlikely to be realized) is that, when this bullshit crashes around him and he loses his silly base in Cow-Eye, Todd will move back to NYC and give us a late-life version of Ballad.
He could tour it without looking grotesque and leave us all gratified. Come full-circle, Todd.
The worst is almost over

DiscConnected said...

I think the older songs (Today and Future) fit the current album's theme/sound well.

One World was a bit of a stretch...but overall what I have seen of these clips is showing me a performance that is a lot better than I would have anticipated.

I did buy a ticket, and am glad I did.

Anonymous said...

Nice cd and performance, fits wel in the "world order" "liar" "reproduction" "disco jets" "state" order. You like it or don't like it, don't say its not todd. It fits perfect in his catalog.

When we all hit altzheimer we go back to his greatest hits and singalong untill dawn. Todd is just not ready for that.

Winston Smith said...

It must be cheaper to tour with the C list DJ and the two day-shift strippers than with an actual band of musicians. Once TR gets the Grandpa goes electronica nonsense out of his system, we get closer to the Utopia reunion. I thought the drunken renderings of Muskrat Love last year would be the nadir of his career, but the new tour may be worse. The two dancers are horrid. They have no moves at all. Their singing is tuneless and never on-key. They seem like one of the joke acts that get voted off in the first round of America's Got Talent. Despicable.

Anonymous said...

The sets remind me of Skrillex too much. Check this out (and this is just one of them his sets are quite dazzling:

But Skrillex is only one person, so there's nothing to look at; he plays nothing but the record player and is called a "drop beat" artist, and his audience is too young to drink. He's had everyone in his studio that's still alive from the 60s and he admires them for what they originated; they influenced him, not the other way around. If he influences THEM it is like something being rehashed backwards. Like "I like what you did to my music so I'm going to perform all of my music that way from now on, because clearly I had no idea what I was doing all my musical life." ?????? It's a like a commercial for Skrillex, when all Todd has to do is say he listens to Skrillex to get people to go out and listen to Skrillex, because they'd be curious.

If Todd went out with an acoustic guitar he'd be closer to the singer/songwriter he actually is instead of giving people the old razzle dazzle.

I personally do NOT want a twerk from Miley (or anyone actually, though Taylor Swift was hilarious in her video) and I wish Todd would speak for himself instead of saying we ALL want this or that about silly things like Miley's butt and her retarded performance at the awards. It got her attention is all. That's why she did it. Really deep statements from pop stars on your TV>LOL.

Anonymous said...

If we got alzheimer's we wouldn't remember who Todd is.

Anonymous said...

It almost seems like Michele hired really awful singers and dancers on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Todd's talking about a culture thing, where Miley does a twerk and the hysteric reaction it caused. It's called irony. I get all the criticism on Rundgren's latest style of performance. It seems he's taking the risk of upsetting his base who want nothing more than an acoustic show instead of dancers, a dj and a lot of energy. Like it or not, it's his artistic choice just like it had been when he went all Fusion /Prog with Utopia. His synth explorations on Initiation where also derided. I don't like everything he does here, International Feel gets screwed in its new identity but i also recognize Todd's in great voice, has energy to spare en takes an artistic risk. He said in an interview not long ago his old fanbase is dying out so he'd like to see if he can get some new folks interested. Man, i hope he does as i've never witnessed such a cranky bunch of sad and conservative losers commenting on Rundgren's latest endeavours.

Winston Smith said...

Judging from the anemic sales of Global, he is not drawing a new fan base. The critics of Global and the abysmal new tour may indeed be cranky, sad, conservative, and losers all, but that doesn't mask the fact that Todd's new music is shit, his dancers can't sing or dance, his setlist is more of a shitlist, and all the criticism and derision being heaped on TR is richly deserved. We must rise, or we will fall. I wouldn't mind a twerk from Mylie, either.

Winston Smith said...
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Robert Roger said...

& here I'm thinking it's pretty darn good. Today's the day you know, gotta go get some shit done. I'll be watching for all the above commentators newest releases. Peace & love.

Anonymous said...

Hello People, Seems as though many are wishing TR did the "Evening With"
tour every 6 to 10 months,forever McCartney created Wings & played it safe ever since. TR has always played the field & absorbed current aspects of technology & "style".So I go with the intent & appreciate/enjoy more than 1/2 the STATE & GLOBAL disks
It's clear to me, if Todd did a country album it would have more depth of content than the "style" is known for. What this ramble is trying to convey is my deep satisfaction in the CONNECTION. The continued strength of Todd's work in any era stands alone. Don't take yourself too seriously...or expect a shape shifter to be your trained chameleon. Rave on Todd.
W. Love from Greendale

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the negative lameos here expect an evening with tour every 6 months, I think they are just overinflated and infatuated with themselves. negative opinions are just that, negative. Your Todd is on record, so go listen to it, stop bashing the show to fulfill your own egos. It is boring and lame. Either join the Todd freakout, or stay at home in your chair and throw on one of the many albums or DVDs that have what you want to listen to. But christ stop the whiny bitching.

Anonymous said...

A bit hard to imagine some of the previous comments. I'm not in love with every note of every Rundgren release but I'm not angry or heart broken if every cut is not an immediate favorite. The mention of Frank Sinatra makes no sense as he was not a writer. (He did cover the Beatles & other newer songs along the way to be somewhat up to date.)
The songwriters who came 'round in the 60's,70's,80's etc. have all retired to Oldies Land. How many forge ahead & continue to create ? I do not want Something/
Anything XXX1V or Fast & Furious 7
When in Rome (?) I can't fault Todd taking this tangent. Clearly if you are offering something to a newer era you have to speak the language to some extent. RISE is not TR at his most eloquent or in-your-face.I believe it is attempting to put an idea across to a broader audience in a manner that most people will get.The younger people who hear this with no understanding of TR's past will have a very different read of the success of the songs. I suggest the more agitated of the earlier commenters lend the songs to others to see how they react. Remember TR isn't trying to turn anyone off or ease himself into a rut. I'm so happy he challenges himself to morph & re adapt.
As to the performance & stage should be no surprise that they are another chapter in the anything but boring history of Todd. The DJ & dancers seem to get unwarranted nasty comments. They are on a giant learning curve & deserve some kindness & empathy. To suggest Mrs. Rundgren would hire a poor supporting cast is unkind & lame. It is sad to see the trashy attitudes. I am anxious to experience the show for the new & revisited material. Open Mindedly
Yours, RR

Winston Smith said...

I think the negative reviews are a perfect counterbalance to the sycophants trying to polish a turd. Global is a turd. A foul, stinking turd of abysmal electronica. The tour is worse, the low point of a once great artist. If a few....very few,...Todd fans are enjoying an evening with a C-list DJ and two truck stop strippers who can't song or dance, more power to them. Other Todd fans know he can do better than this and look forward to a comeback. The botching and bad reviews are not the fault of the critics, but the fault of Todd for recording shit and mounting a lame ass Grandpa Electronica tour. We must rise, or we will fall.

DeanieC said...

2016 will mark my 40th year of following Todd's musical adventures.
I've loved the inspired solo albums.
Utopia's concerts (elaborate or simple) were always a thrill.
When State was released I thought it had some strong songs...and some obviously weaker ones.
So Todd received quite a backlash from fans who despised the album as well as the tour.
So here we are now with Global.
It seems many people have been hammering it even before it's release, listening to samples on their computers, tablets, and smartpones.
Well, my copy of Global came in the mail on Friday and I had a 90 minute ride on the highway coming up that night...perfect time to crank it and listen so you could feel the percussion as opposed to the devices mentioned.
It's actually a very good album.
It's not Wizard.
It's not Healing, Nearly Human, No World Order, etc...
Global is not really a conventional electronica album nor is it straightforward EDM.
It certainly has some driving beats, but in this longtime fan's humble opinion, it's simply a great, new, modern sounding, vibrant album!
Todd music has had electronic aspects going back to Wizard and throughout his career.
The synthesizer was a big part of his music...
So as I'm cruising along and listening, this album is actually rocking in a way I didn't expect.
It certainly is a world consciousness piece.
Some lyrics are simple, yet say a lot, while others are much deeper; a plea for us to tend to our planet.
The only song I'm not to thrilled with is Skyscraper, but as a whole, Global was very satisfying.
It rocked, then it got some serious funk going on, and the softer songs like Blind, and Soothe were classic Todd.
Global goes from one sound to another effortlessly.
I imagined how it would sound with a 5 or 6 piece band, and I really think it would kill on stage!
It's Todd being Todd.
For the folks who've been criticizing without really listening, put the volume up on your home or car stereo and listen to a 67 year old genius, who is still pushing things forward!
Peace & Love

DiscConnected said...

Judging from the anemic sales of Global, he is not drawing a new fan base

I am curious if you are privy to sales figures.

Since Esoteric approached Todd about another album, my assumption would be that State sold enough to warrant a follow-up.

The whole industry is anemic, and streams are a growing part of the pie, which is where TR would win a new fan base.

I was stunned last year when a Record Store Day exclusive from Bruce Springsteen (only 7,500 copies made) made the Billboard number 31!

Oddly enough, State did make the Billboard top 20 (at #12), albeit on the dance/electronic charts. But considering Liars, hailed by many as TR's best, did not chart at all, that's pretty impressive.

On the Billboard "Independent Albums" chart, State peaked at #40, and Global is showing that it beat it (barely), reaching #37.

Anonymous said...

As ever Todd will do the album, do the tour & them move on. "Once more I walk away...don't tie my hands,don't lock that door" "Then I'll move on no matter how many friends I've Made". Here I'll take the liberty to paraphrase since the entire TR catalog clearly states,"take like I am" & go ahead ignore me". I always thought Todd didn't get BIGGER commercially because he grew up & had too much intelligent fun that the industry & larger audience couldn't 'get'. "They are not ready..." Now the overt nay say-ers remind me "with friend like these,who needs N-ah-Meez ?"
I gotta laugh ~
To: the H-Bomb From:Circle-H


oddToddlyenough said...

Has anyone noticed that the last song on Global, "This Island Earth" has the sound and feel of something from the Todd album?
I agree with DeanieC; I was pleasantly surprised with Global.
It simply sounds like a typically creative and diverse offering from TR.

Anonymous said...

People referring to TR's earlier vast and varied catalogue as "lame" because they want to look hip are just plain deaf. I don't understand why good art should be destroyed or denigrated to be current and down with the kids. Good songs are ageless.

dtopia said...

Global is obviously a much stronger album than State.
I now have a renewed excitement for the upcoming show...I saw a glowing review in the Kansas City sounds like a modern, futuristic presentation!
For me the album sounds great. There's only two songs I'm not crazy about - Skyscraper, and Terra Firma.
Terra Firma's pleasant enough, but it's kind of a mono-melodic effort that might be more comfortable on With a Twist or a "smooth" radio channel.
Having said that, Global is very enjoyable and I'll be playing it again soon.
(How cool is Holyland?)
Love it when Todd is outside the proverbial box!

Anonymous said...

I am not too hot on 'Holyland', 'Terra Firma', 'Skycraper', 'Evrybody', or 'Earth Mother'.

But Rise, Blind, Global Nation, Fate and This Island Earth are all very good (wish he did not do the wacky tempo dragging deal on 'This Island Earth').

And I also notice some compression artifacts right on the Full Wave CD. But I know sound quality has never been a Rundgren specialty.

The five songs I mentioned are definitely going to be in heavy rotation on my system.

The CD is wonderously better than the Tour.