Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Video with Todd and Dam funk



from 23rd said...

Has Todd - or anyone associated with him - noticed the average age of those attending his performances?
I saw one woman in New York two years ago who may have been under 40. I`m in my 60s and closer, by far, to his demographic. So, who the HELL younger than 40 or 30 or 20 does he really think is going to buy his derivative EDM and white-boy techno shows?

DiscConnected said...

Oddly enough, there were an awful lot of "old-timers" who seemed to enjoy the State shows I attended (I saw three of them, one in Philly and two in AZ), and I think Global is by far a better album...I am only doing the AZ show this time around but after a week with the new album in hand, I am looking forward to the live show.

I was surprised how much I liked Global-it really has grown on me where State really did not.

Will I listen to it as much as I do Nearly Human or HoMH?

Probably not, but it has some hooks that were sadly missing on the last album.

If you've given the album a few spins and still don't like it, I respect that, but I had a negative preconception of this record based on the few samples I had heard, and was very pleasantly surprised.

My 0.02, FWIW

Winston Smith said...

I would counter Todd's argument that his fans have drifted off due to age etc. I think the string of shitty records and lame-ass tours (Ringo's clown show, unpredictable) have driven off the fans. When I hear a gorgeous song like Terra Firma it just reminds me what a gift for melody our hero still has, and how sad his desire for relevance with the youngsters is......nobody under 50 likely gives a shit about TR, despite a few cool folks sampling Wizard/Todd then moving on tho a higher state of hipness. Soothe ain't bad either, btw. No TR, the young crowd won't suddenly discover you and buy your product so you can pay the bank off in Kauai for the house you can't afford or some stupid ass Tiki Bar. Ain't happening, bro.

oddToddlyenough said...

I agree with DiscConnected that Global is one of those albums that get better with each listen.
We should remember that Todd has never made an album that the fans want...he makes his music on his terms only.
The greatest example is the radical departure Todd took after Something /Anything. He could have stuck to that succesfull formula, but as we know he went way out of the box with Wizard and Todd, which alienated the less imaginative, open minded fans (THANK GOODNESS)
I think Todd's simply doing the same thing today... putting out albums on his terms and we must be the ones who follow along...or dont.
I think the global consciousness concept is vert timely considering the state (no pun intended) of our world today.
The lyrics sound simple, but there's some depth going on.
It's not a masterpiece by any means but Global is fun, imaginative, serious, and has a sound that is of today.
I'm still willing to follow this Wizard's yellow brick road!
PS...if you don't like his current music, that's fine, but there's simply no reason to disrespect Todd by being insulting.
A little more humanity, please.
I wish you peace.

Anonymous said...

I think most of Todd's fans are younger than he is and always have been.

The reason he might see much younger fans at Ringo shows is that the Beatles are kind of universal, and their music has influenced the entire landscape of pop music and culture (they were a part of a whole scene that changed fashion, art and music all at the same time) and since they hardly ever toured as a band after the mid-60s, they still have the patina that people want to put them on their bucket list. The Beatles were twice older than their fans to start with. All those baby boomers were about 12 years old. The Beatles were grown men in their 20s. Ringo is almost 10 years older than Todd.

I agree about the house and the Tiki bar also. Unless he has a serious crack problem, that must be where his money is going.

I also like Terra Firma and Soothe but I don't know if his heart is in it. He has decried that type of writing so much.

from 23rd said...

As Joe Queenan has noted, it is neither possible nor desirable to be cool after a certain age.
When he sees the reviews and receipts for this tour, I suspect it will cause TR to reflect and consider playing to his strengths next time.
I`ve listened with all the good will I could muster. I`ve listened straight and stoned but I still think Global basically blows.
If some people enjoy it, great!

Winston Smith said...

Todd is delusional. I think Dam Funk or Dame Edna...whatever...is running game on the old codger. What a pathetic attempt to be hip

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of haters on this blog. This is a fan site? Wow, so much negativity here. I don't know who runs this blog, but wow, just a bunch of cranky people. Hope Todd never comes here to see all this.

Go GLOBAL. Done deal. Todd knows what he's doing. You amateur critics = YAWN.

Winston Smith said...

We must rise, or we will fall. Some fans like Global, some don't, but the fact remains that Todd is recording shit these days and his new tour is a disgrace. Todd has gone from God to aging clown in his old age. Really sad.

Anonymous said...

Winston Smith should go write his thoughts down in a journal and save it for a day he is feeling extra bitchy so he can get all the negative pleasure he desires. It is almost like he wants to be famous for being negative, the sounds of an unwanted and unloved person so he takes to the internet to hate on a artist he apparently respects? Whatever man, keep it to yourself, all you do is spread negativity, not constructive or thoughtful at all, just verbal diarrhea. You get your words in only because the admin of this page must be passed out at his/her keyboard. If I was in charge I would delete all your hateful rantings.

Winston Smith said...

I am the moderator.