Thursday, April 16, 2015

Todd Rundgren International Feel & Just One Victory Pikes Peak Center April 14, 2015


from 23rd said...

Just god-awful; easily the lamest live clip I`ve ever seen of him. It`s a shoddy, half-assed simulacrum of a performance in front of what look like replicas of some of the tackier blocks of Times Square. In a just world, ticket-holders would angrily demand a refund, forcing Todd to cancel the tour, cut the shit, and get back to what he does best.
Obviously, we do not live in a just world but even if we did, you know that the Japanese are going to absolutely nuts over this.

Winston Smith said...

His friends and family should call for an intervention before he degrades himself further. What a dismal tour. Party Liquor and Earth Mother? Pure, utter shit. And now fucking up his true classics aided by 2 ladies who can neither sing or dance. Todd's career continues to go right into the shitter.

DiscConnected said...

Wow-I am surprised at how negative some of the negative reactions are, since I think both the album and tour have a lot more elements that should appeal to his long time fan base than the last album and tour.

I don't see the above clip as being all that different than the 80's solo shows where Todd accompanied himself with tapes, and later an Apple.

I'd rather see a full band show, but as I've commented earlier, I like the new album a lot more than I thought I would based on the advance samples, and based on this clip, I think I am going to like the live show.

Although I'm still hoping he'll rock out on one or two numbers just for old times' sake!

Harry Joned said...

Well, at least Todd is playing guitar again (albeit pretty sloppy)...I'm sure he'll sharpen up as the tour rolls on.
The "singers" harmonies are actually ruining the sound of a lot of the songs.
Todd has always surrounded himself with talented musicians. Why would he settle for these amateur singers/dancers?
The Global tour has seems as if those of us who are going may have to lower our expectations a bit.
By the time TR gets to my show in Chicago, I'm counting on his voice and guitar playing are back to his high standards. As far as the girls go, well, at this point, we can only hope they get it together.

Anonymous said...

I was at this show, trust me, it was utter crap. I am long time Todd fan. I never had the chance to see him before, and was really excited he was coming to town.

But this show was a shambles. The backing singers were terrible and a DJ for a band? Yuck. It was truly awful and I was actually embarrassed to be there.

He barely touched the guitar, the whole show and than played badly as seen in this video, when he did.

I felt very bad for Grandpa...trying to be the Justin Beiber of the synth/rave/dance party crowd.

Many people got up and walked out, in the middle of the show.

Anonymous said...

I can see why some people were disappointed - there was a lot of screaming and yeah, it wasn't a Todd show in the traditional sense (I was at this show, too). But anyone who has a sense of Todd over time will know that most folks don't like "everything" he does. I loved "The Ballad of..." and "Something / Anything," and then didn't care much for AWATS or "Todd." But then I loved "Ra" and "Oops," and then didn't care for "Oblivion" and "P.O.V." It's been very cyclical with Todd's projects - and I have to say that I like "Global" WAY more than "State." I was disappointed in this show because Todd didn't sing as much as yell. And I'm not used to, nor do I care much for, this type of show. But I'll keep hanging out because he a.) deserves the benefit of the doubt, and b.) he'll come with something I like in the next go-around. From my first 45 in 1971, I've been a fan. It's too late to turn back now...

4D said... favorite star,sometimes you put out crap.ditch the chicks get a real band

Anonymous said...

When I first saw TR 4i years ago he came out with a guitar,piano & a reel to reel tape recorder. I had seen plenty concerts but nothing like Todd's courage. He did solo piano ballads & hard rock guitar & was at times hilarious. Piss Aaron included a toy dog smoking on the piano & the classic 'fake vomit' being presented & thrown to the audience ! After a brief intermission UTOPIA filled the stage with all manner of chops & eccentricity . (Their singing was not flawless, but Todd sang wonderfully throughout ) Some walked out on the band set. The closing songs were Just One Victory followed by S-L-U-T ! No other musician I had ever seen or have seen since, had/has his range & "balls", depth of romance, musical adventure & a fantastic performer as well. How Clapton,Ozzy & The Cars (for just 3 examples)ever get recognition as LIVE performers ?
Personally I am much more interested in artists with something to say over technical musicianship. T.R. has always excelled at both & still continued to grow. I'm not 'ALL-IN' on GLOBAL but there is plenty to enjoy on first listening & more to let in & appreciate with repeated listenings. Live work often improves music especially when the audience gives something to the experience. Better to hear it through than walk out & rant. I always thought Rundgren fans were more mature & discerning, even with the things they didn't like.
The truth is I'm always proud to be a fan weather I grasp or appreciate every new track or not. Looking foreword to the event I'll see soon. R.R.

Anonymous said...

The "Global" show was terrible.

No excuses, no saying "what a great artist he is".

Get a band and be real, or don't ask for MY hard earned money.

Felt sorry for him, he is NOT 20 or 30ish. Embarrassing!!


Anonymous said...

I just saw International Feel/ Just one Victory in Milwaukee, and all was Flawless... Redemption for the Less than Todd's usual music... I dont know what he's thinking... But... These songs made up for everything