Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Todd in Norway in Feb.

‎(Dagbladet): Music Conference Larm festival has been an ever so small scoop before the event in February next year.

The legendary American artist and producer Todd Rundgren is the guest of honor, and will stay in the country for a week.

Rundgren is known as unusually gifted, eccentric and influential artist, songwriter and producer with great musical range and a very loyal fan base, as well as music technology innovator.

Cooperation Project
Rundgren will be interviewed on stage during Larm festival of Audun Wings in the journal window. But it is far to go one's errand from Hawaii to the winter cold Oslo and Rundgren would not be avspise with a well-paid seminar appearance.

It is therefore a short tour Norway, where Rundgren will go through songs from across his career, in intimate solo format. In addition, efforts are being made to bring about a collaborative project between Rundgren and a Norwegian artist.

- It is amazing that this happens, says: Larm festival program manager Joakim Haugland told Dagbladet.

- Rundgren is one of the vikigste artists over the last 30-40-years as a musician, producer and technical innovator. He is a little side of everything, but have inspired many. He does not do things like this very often, so it hangs a little extra high. This is a højdare Larm festival in history, says Haugland.

Agreed in London
It all came about through a collaboration between the city bustle window, which will host several seminars during bransjetreffet. Edited by Wings are also music critic for Today's Business, and Rundgren fan on his neck.

During Rundgrens concerts in London in October, he was in contact with the artist, and secured agreement on visit to Norway.

- Rundgren is not a people dear name today, but he is bigger and more important than most realize. He is a god gifted songwriter and musician who is definitely going their own ways, and have done it the last forty years. Whether it's prog rock, powerpop or blue eyed soul, his music has a unique nerve and beauty about them, and he is still capable of doing amazing things.

- I rank him up there with Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa and Prince, says Wings.

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Anonymous said...

"Rundgren is not a people dear name today" (but more important...)
A perfect 'Lost In Translation' quote. So if Todd Rundgren is not a household/userfriendly commondenominatorkardashianautotune
Alls we kin do is support his sojourn with attendence,shopping & awareness.Every dollar & effort used to take it all in AND spread the word, has been very well spent.
Make a Norwiegin DVD,I'll buy it. RR