Saturday, December 3, 2011

Concert : BBC Radio 6 classic concert series limited availability

Todd Rundgren recorded live at the London Forum in 1994 performs his album No World Order as well as other classic Todd Rundgren tracks

Todd Rundgren- Interactive, or 'TR-I' as the show is known, is a historical new concept where the audience can participate. His 29th album 'No World Order' is featured along with new arrangements of old classics.
Todd's first band was The Nazz which was formed in 1967. They split up in 1970. His first self-titled album 'Runt' was in 1970- closely followed by 'The Ballad of Todd Rundgren' in 1971.
The concert was recorded by the BBC at The Forum, London, on 7 October 1994.

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Rooart said...

Got to see TR-1 at the trocadero in philly i was able to hold the camera for everyone to see on the screens overhead the stage during what i believe. To be Facsist. Christ...