Thursday, December 1, 2011

Todd and Ethel tour... info to come.

Tours & Projects
Tell Me Something Good - Touring 12-13
with special guest Todd Rundgren

As each generation comes into its prime it affects the contemporary musical environment, bringing in elements of the sounds it grew up with. These days, we are surrounded by references to the culture and sounds of the 1970’s; the era of funk, glam rock, early minimalism, the bi-centennial, Watergate, and the Vietnam War. The 70s was a restless, intelligent, dissatisfied time- a decade of contradictions, a decade of loss, a decade of discovery.

ETHEL celebrates this vibrant decade in a program that is scheduled to include Lou Harrison's Quartet Set (1972), a seminal example of cross-cultural concert music, as well as Kimo Williams' Quiet Shadows, a hauntingly beautiful Vietnam - inspired work, arrangements of music by Sun Ra, and a fascinating new work by rising star Judd Greenstein that incorporates the sound of synthesizers from the 1970s.

Central to this program is the thrilling collaboration between ETHEL and ‘70’s icon, Todd Rundgren. Having toured together in the United States and Europe in 2005, they found a deep connection and ongoing friendship in their passion for authenticity and their curiosity about what’s emerging. Each has assaulted the boundaries of convention with dynamic creativity. The energy onstage is explosive and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Just Say WHEN and WHERE ?
THIS time the tour better come to the CHICAGO area, or there will be a march on the Agency's Offices !
From: Circle H To: The H-Bomb

Fly On The Wall said...

when woodstock and/or nyc?